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Starlight Starbright

Just wandering in and out

12 May
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Single female with long red hair and green eyes. I like reading and writing, drawing, movies, music of all sorts from Zydeco to metal to blues to folk, and exploring antique stores. I was born in Iowa and grew up on a farm, went to college, and then moved to the Big City.

I have posted stories to this journal and will rate them, so please respect the rating system and do not read anything you think you may find offensive or of an adult nature when you are not legally an adult wherever you live. (which means 18 at least, in most places)

Also, when I post original fiction or poetry, as opposed to fannish stuff, please do not copy or post anywhere else without asking first. Am pretty likely to give permission, but WOULD like to know where my stuff is ending up, if at all possible. Well, would like to know where my fannish stuff is going, too, when it comes to that. So, when in doubt, ask first. That's not so hard... :)