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Planning Yule parties and on making candy. At least that will brighten up the winter season for a bit.

Was disappointed today. I sent in some poems for an anthology and it looks like I didn't get in. More bummed than I expected to be.

Still, some good coffee should perk me up enough to go home and work on my next book.

Also, bought some nice tea a few weeks ago. Golden Monkey tea. When I asked it was made with real golden monkeys, I was told that no, but they pick it. Hah!

Does anyone know the recipe for mixing up Russian Caravan tea?

Playing Catch-Up

Been a while. I get to Facebook a lot more than here.

Update: Have published 3 books and working on a 4th. All nonfiction. Would like to take time next to get back to fiction, either a novel or a collection of erotic short stories.

I miss reading stuff here on LJ. But, as I don't have the internet at home, its hard to just sit down and read fanfic.

Just came back from New Orleans...wonderful place. Absolutely LOVED the French Quarter. Am now reading about Marie Laveau.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Checking In

Sorry, I've been gone again for a while. I've been way too busy tooling around, writing and re-writing, and when I do end up on LJ it's usually under the account associated with all that. :)

Still, I should check in here from time to time and see what's all up...

Like today.

Part of the thing is that I don't have the net at home and can't afford it. Which means I either check in from work or the library. I also don't have as much time to read fanfic anymore (even if I still love it). (sigh)

I do miss writing PotC fanfic big time. But if I'm going to write a pirate novel now it'll be something I can send to get published. Hm...

I did start a novel this past year, but have been spending most of my time finishing nonfic books. I swing back and forth between whether which one is more important to me--the fic or nonfic? Can't answer that yet, but right now the nonfic is winning. Clearly.

How do people find the time to get both done?
Okay, so December is winding up already...whooo...

Have a meeting and Yule Party on Dec 13 (and need to make kid gifts before then...probably some kind of treat). Need to wrap Xmas gifts and make stuff for 2 potlucks (same dern day even). Well, plus something for the potluck on the 13th. Which makes 3, count em 3 potlucks. (I wonder what I have in the cupboard)

Red Wing has a B&B Xmas Open House this coming Sunday and it would be cool to go if the weather is good. But I have so much else to do. Hmmmm

I might end up having to cook for Xmas Eve dinner at my aunt and uncle's house as she will have to work at least part of the day. As for anything else on Xmas Day, no clue yet. My mom just isn't into doing all that anymore and I've done it at her house several times and am tired of having to do all the work and having her kvetch at me. Ah, families...

Still, Xmas is my favorite time of the year (to quote a song).

What are other people's plans? Are you done shopping yet? Did you spend as much?


This past Christmas Eve 2007 my uncle died unexpectedly and then they were going to have the funeral dinner at this restaurant in a small town in Iowa. At the last minute, they chose just to have the restaurant cater the food to the church rather than having the dinner there. That morning, when they went in to start on the food, the place exploded and burned down. They all got out okay, but only managed to save a few old pictures.

They rebuilt this past spring and when I went down to Iowa in September I was planning on going to eat there, but we didn't manage it.

This past Friday night at 3:30 in the morning, the place once more started on fire and burned to the ground. No one was there or got hurt, but everything was lost...even those things they managed to save from the first fire.

This restaurant has been there as a place to eat/general store for 160 years and the family who runs it now has been in charge since the 1960's and are relatives of mine (2nd and 3rd cousins).

It was bad enough the first time since this place is the heart of this small town, but now...they are not sure they will rebuild again. I can understand why it is a question, but I hope that they will rebuild. This place was there when I was a kid and I have many fond memories of it. It was hard enough to have lost it once, but twice.


Does anyone know what legal rights to obtain medical records grandchildren may have over their (deceased) grandparent's records? This would be for the state of Iowa...

Thanks much.

Winter Winter

Can't hardly wait til spring. Winter in Minnesota leaves much to be desired, though this year it seems most of our snow has headed south and dumped itself in Iowa. Or at least according my mom, who says its high as the roof of the shed.

March will be a busy month, but hopefully will find the time to work some more on my second book. Its been stalled out at 120 pgs of late, at least typed. I have been writing for it, but only long hand in my journal (yes, I still write everything long hand for the main part...old-fashioned me). Eventually, it has to get typed up and I use that time to do a first re-write.

Would like to sell another article. Have yet to crack "SageWoman." But it looks like "The Beltane Papers" has closed up shop, sadly. Still, "The Crooked Path" journal should be appearing next month--traditional witchcraft magazine that I hope Magus Books will get in their store. Otherwise, I will simply have to subscribe.

Am looking for a title for the eventual poetry book I hope to sell (or self-publish if need be, as I know the market for these things is slight). It will mainly have poems based on mythological or magickal creatures. Any thoughts?
Nabbed from lurkitty, an article re Bush snubbing the widow of the man who was killed and who fought to get a pent on his stone:


Up to his usual tricks and bigotry I see.
New book coming out soon--check it out!!!


Amazon will be carrying it...whoo hooo!!!

Finally, a book that will have more about Isabel Gowdie (hopefully including full details of the trial transcripts...I guess they had been lost for about 200 years, oh my)

Have pre-ordered it already--yummy.

Shocked and Angry

Hello...yes, am alive and so is everyone I know, though a friend of mine had just crossed the 35W Bridge here in Minneapolis not 10-15 minutes before it collapsed. Watched in horror when I got home that night and turned on the tv...

Terrible, just terrible. And to think that thousands and thousands of bridges all over the US are just as bad, if not worse.

Reminded me of that song by this one country singer called "America First," where he sang about how we spend all this money elsewhere, but then don't spend the money to rebuild our crumbling roads and bridges. Sounds almost prophetic now. Of course, rebuilding roads and bridges (which is part of what govts are supposed to do) doesn't line the pockets of the big companies which make weapons and supply wars now does it?

Sad, so sad.

I do think it is time and more than time that our govt spends the money it takes in in taxes on the poor and homeless and hungry in THIS country for a change. Not to say that we can't and shouldn't help others, but shouldn't we help ourselves too?

Why bother to defend a country that is crumbling down around our ears? Especially when the very liberties we are meant to have--and that our ancestors died to create--are being taken away from us in the name of "safety" and "security." Get a clue...no one can ENSURE your safety or security or surety, and if the cost of pretending to is all the liberties that this country was founded upon then the cost is too high by far.

Oh, but I forgot. Some people think that they are only in this world to make money upon the backs (and lives) of others and don't give a rat's ass otherwise.

Time for a change.

Will light a candle today for those who died and those who were hurt and in the hopes that something good will come of what happened this week.



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